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Vision Express carries a wide variety of designer eye wear to suit your needs and personality.  Our eye wear consultants are trained to recommend you the best eye wear to suit your prescription needs.  Choosing the right pair of glasses to suit your prescription, yet giving you the perfect look can be tricky.

We carry all types of lenses, including: Single Vision, Bifocals, Trifocals, and Progressives (Multifocals).  Choosing the right lens can have a major impact on the way you see clarity and precision.  Our trained experts are knowledgeable in recommending the different types of lenses, which can help you alleviate a lot of the stress that an individual bears upon receiving a new lens, which is not compatible to ones lifestyle.  In addition, Vision Express is supported by many of the outstanding brands, including: Essillor, Nikon, Carl Zeiss, and many more.

It is very important to understand your options for eyeglasses and lenses, and that is why it is important to see one of our consultants to help you in the right direction.  Rest assured – we want you to be 100% satisfied with our recommendation, and if you aren’t for any reason, we will take the initiative to make sure that you are happy with the “Vision Express” experience.