September 24, 2022

Considerations When Purchasing Sunglasses

A good pair of sunglasses can aid in maintaining the health and clarity of your eyes.

Considerations When Purchasing Sunglasses

UV security

UV protection in sunglasses is a must-have because the sun's ultraviolet rays can cause irreversible eye damage. Sunglasses should provide UVA and UVB protection and block UV rays up to 400 nanometers in wavelength.

Beware of dark or reflective lenses; they may not always offer UV protection. Because of how easily UV rays may enter your eyes in low light, wearing dark lenses without UV protection is even riskier than not wearing any sunglasses at all.


Holding the lenses at arm's length will allow you to assess their quality. Look straight ahead through the lenses at something far away, such a door or window frame. Then, adjust the spectacles in both directions. The lenses are of low quality if the door frame's straight edge warps, bends, or sways.

Shade and colour

While amber-tinted glasses can improve depth perception in low light conditions, grey-tinted glasses will diminish overall brightness with minimal colour distortion.

Mirrored lenses are effective in cutting down on the quantity of light entering your eyes. Gradient lenses, which are darker at the top than the bottom, can be useful for driving and general use but are ineffective while skiing, at the beach, or on a boat.

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